You can pay using a Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card, using the Doku Payment Gateway at checkout.

Are you an existing BSP Bank customer? Then you can now also pay online using just your BSP ID and security code sent to your registered phone number. Click here for more information – BSP Pay FAQ.

We have delivery services available and currently use Go Food to deliver. When you check out please follow the prompts. There are 4 zones at different delivery prices. Terms & conditions apply.

Delivery price includes both the charge from Go Foods to deliver and the cost of packaging. Packaging is calculated as K6 per every 7kg or part thereof. All orders are packed in our high quality Meat Haus chiller bags. These have been discounted to support online shoppers.

Zone 1 (CBD) – K35.00 inc GST. 2 Mile, 3 Mile, 4 Mile, 5 Mile, Badili, Boroko, East Boroko, Down Town, Ela Beach, Gordons, Gordons 5, Gordons Industrials, Hohola, Koki, Konedobu, Korobosea, Murray Barracks, New Town, Waigani.

Zone 2 – K45.00 inc GST. 6 Mile, 7 Mile, 8 Mile, Ensisi Valley, Erima, Kaugere, Kilakila, Sabama, Gabutu, Vadavada, Taurama Barracks, Tokarara, UPNG, North Waigani.

Zone 3 – K55.00 inc GST. Rainbow, Gerehu, Baruni, Morata, 9 Mile.

Zone 4 – K65.00 inc GST. Napa Napa, Edai Town, 10 Mile, 11 Mile, 12 Mile, 13 Mile, 14 Mile, 15 Mile, 16 Mile, 17 Mile, Taurama Beach, Gereka, Red Rock Cafe.

Meat Haus Waigani. Located in the same complex as Kina Bank (formerly ANZ) – View on Google maps

All grocery orders are packed in a Meat Haus chiller bag. All Buffalo Burger items are packed in brown Takeaway Bags.

Chiller bags are calculated in the shipping rate and are based on the total weight of your order.

All orders will be prepared at our Waigani site. Orders for Buffalo Burger will be prepared at our Town site however always mention where you would like to pick up your order if choosing that option at checkout.
For now, you can only pick up Grocery orders from our Waigani Meat Haus. Watch this space for further advice.
Contact the Meat Haus directly via email or phone. Our team will assist in locating the product you desire or source a suitable substitute.
Yes, with a variance of either 10% more or 10% less as meat cuts may have a slight variation in weight.
Contact the Meat Haus directly via email or phone. We are able to provide a quote directly to you and then add your quote to our online website for you to make payment.
The Meat Haus will contact you immediately with an alternate product or otherwise be able to refund that product through a direct debit to the customers PNG bank account.
If you have any issue with the product you receive we ask you to store the item safely and contact the Meat Haus via email within 24 hours of receiving the product where we will be in the best position to investigate and issue a refund or replacement as per the discretion of Meat Haus Management.
We have a tab option available on our menu for Job applications.